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Koru Plant Based Odor Free Scrubber Sponge - Pack of 2 Palm Fiber and Cellulose

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  • Natural material: the scrub sponge consists of 2 sides, the soft sponge side is made of natural wooden pulp, and the rough side is made of natural palm fiber, which have strong cleaning ability to effectively help your clean kitchen gadgets
  • Double sided dish sponge: the soft sponge side has good absorption that can easily collect grease, dirt and grime, and the hard side can finish tough scrubbing jobs with ease
  • Easy to clean: the palm fiber scrubbing sponge themselves are easy to be washed clean after each use, and the natural material gives them properties that will not collect bad odor, breathable, reusable, and longer-lasting to use
  • Efficient in cleaning: the kitchen scrubbing sponges can wipe away grease, dirt, grime, and other stain without leaving any scratches and marks on the dishes, saving you both time and efforts
  • Multi-functional: non-scratch sponges are suitable for scrubbing dishes, pots or cleaning tabletops, windows and walls, you will find them useful in almost all the house cleaning work, bringing more convenience and cleanliness to your life