The UP Collection is a line of accessories that have multiple uses and are made from the scrap remnants from Koru Swimwear’s swimsuit production. “We realized that waste is one of the main polluting culprits the fashion produces and it’s just filling up our landfills; not to mention how “fast fashion” has created this disposable mentality of cheap clothing. The first time I went to a factory to see our swimwear being produced, I couldn’t believe how much extra scrap fabric was wasted and I’m sure thrown away. It made us wonder what we could do with it and while I pondered, I made sure all the scraps were sent back to us and we’d figure out how to recycle them later. We came up with the idea of turning the scrap remnants into a line of accessories that would have multiple uses, would help educated the consumer with a story, and have an affordable price point,” Julie Stine commented.